A Modern Twist On An Old Favorite

Sometimes spelled “Balayage”, the term refers to a French hair color technique that is rapidly gaining popularity internationally. A soft, natural-looking highlight that feels more modern than older coloring methods is achieved.

How Does It Work?

Balayage is a method of hair coloration that utilizes a freehand approach as color is applied. Hues have a variability factor between bold, bright, defining colors and a soft wash–it’s all up to you. Beyond hair that’s been cropped exceptionally short, this technique works on many different lengths of hair. Colors and texture matter very little. In the end, it represents an exceptionally universal technique.

Finding The Right Salon

Since the technique’s application comes strictly by hand, you’re going to need the highest skill in Balayage to obtain the right results. If you’d like more information on Balayage, feel free to book an appointment or call Bella Deva Beauty Scene of Santa Rosa. With exceptional technique and some of the finest beauticians in the area, you’re sure to look your best.